Vivid Conversations: Catherine Just

Vivid Conversations is a weekly podcast for women at midlife hosted by Bronwyn Simons and Annagrace Kaye of Vivid: The New Menopause. This week, Bronwyn talks to conceptual photographer Catherine Just. In this juicy, deep conversation we talk about cracking open, trusting our intuition, rewriting our roles at midlife, body wisdom, and the creative ache.

About Catherine

Screen+Shot+2015-11-24+at+6.52.05+PMCatherine Just is an award winning photographer, artist and mentor. Her photographic career started in 1987 after she checked herself into drug treatment. In early sobriety she found that she could express visually what was so uncomfortable for her to express verbally. She studied Conceptual Photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and began an exploration of self portraiture and alternative processes. Catherine believes that photography can be used to gather up evidence of what’s living in between the words. She uses photography as a tool for transformation.

Find her at, on Instagram at @cjust, on Facebook at Catherine Just.

About Bronwyn

I’m a visual artist, writer, mother, community builder, priestess, dancer, visionary, and master of reinvention. The unifying thread in a life of constant creative change has been my work with women. Vivid Menopause, created with Annagrace Kaye, is a labor of love and the culmination of decades of intimate circle work with women. It has been my privilege to spend my life so far mentoring women as we reclaim the power of our own stories, our own bodies, our own beauty.

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