Learn the Feminine Wisdom of the Moon

March 27 – april 25,  2017

Are you seeking a stronger connection to nature and spirit?
Do you feel disconnected from natural rhythms and your own cycles?
Are you intrigued by the moon and planets and excited to learn more about their effect on us?
Are you eager to incorporate more of the sacred into your daily life?
Do you love learning traditional womanly wisdom practices?

Become intimate with the power of the Moon

Throughout time and across cultures, the Moon has been associated with women’s bodies, women’s beauty, and women’s wisdom. Our closest celestial companion has the power to pull the tides and trigger fertility in plants and animals. Myths, magic, and ritual have been built around the shifting face of the Moon, and she is a special companion to women because her changing body and her monthly cycles so vividly mirror our own bodily changes, in our reproductive years and beyond. The lunar cycles are beautiful natural rhythms that our bodies and souls respond to throughout our lives. Moon Wisdom for Women is a deep dive into the mysteries, magic, and wisdom of the moon. Traditional women’s wisdom draws on the powers of the moon to enrich our lives, improve our health, control our fertility, enhance our sensual pleasure, allow our gardens to flourish, connect us with the energetic realms, and light our path in many ways. As modern women we often feel sadly disconnected from the rhythms of nature, and we may not know where to begin to reconnect. The moon can be our closest ally in this process of connection, no matter what our circumstances. When we incorporate simple Moon Wisdom practices into our daily lives, we soon begin to feel a greater positive connection to ourselves, our bodies, nature, and source.
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I am a moon priestess

That sounds fancy and esoteric, doesn’t it? In fact, I am an ordinary woman, who has bled and given birth, made love and swum in the ocean tides, created things like art, pottery, dances, meals, and gardens that have nourished my family and community. For many years I have circled with other women under the full and new moons and guided them towards a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater love of their bodies and their lives. In all of these pursuits, the moon has been my ally. From childhood, I have been fascinated with her, and have learned all I could about her power. I have studied her through the techniques of astrology, through history, and mythology, through dreams, visions, and ceremony, through art and community. Because I have studied her cycles, signs, and moods, the moon has helped my gardens to thrive, my self-knowledge to grow, my creative projects to flourish, my hormones to reach a healthy balance, my sex life to bring me more pleasure, and my dreams to give up their secret messages. So in this way, I am a priestess of the moon, as all women can be. As you can be.

You will access the power of the moon’s cycles

Each month the moon moves through all of her phases from new to full to dark; she also moves through each of the twelve astrological signs. When we understand the phases and moods (signs) of the moon, we have access to a powerful tool that goes far beyond just knowing when to expect our ‘moon-time.’ We have a tool that can help us find the right day for nearly any activity, from successfully launching a new project to maximizing our chances of becoming pregnant. Perhaps most powerfully, we have a new and nuanced understanding of the cycles of our own moods and behaviour, and the moods and behaviour of our friends, spouses, children and colleagues. In Moon Wisdom for Women, we learn to master this tool. We learn the moon’s phases and signs and how to apply their energy to our lives for health, self-awareness, love, business, fertility, parenting, healing, gardening, connecting. This rich knowledge is not just about symbols on a page – it is something we can feel in each watery cell of our body. Our connection to the moon is energetic and biological; once we open to this knowledge, our deep body wisdom can reawaken, and our connection with the moon is forged for life.

What is your birth moon?

You have a personal relationship with the moon, which was set at the moment of your birth. Your birth moon is a window into your most tender, secret self. When you know about your birth moon, you gain insight into your own deepest dreams, moods, and emotions. The gifts that come with this insight can be greater self-trust, and stronger connection to spirit. In Moon Wisdom for Women we’ll explore our own personal relationship with the moon, including our lunar power phase and our moon sign and how to use these energies for personal growth and for life-planning.

Moon Circles, Moon Ceremonies, Art and Craft and Kitchen Magic

Our alliance with the moon can bring self-knowledge and can guide the activities of our lives, but the moon is also our friend in creativity, mystery, glamour, and esoteric play. Moon wisdom can open us to medicine journeys and predictive dreams, to powerful and playful gatherings with friends, to traditional wise woman skills like plant spirit medicine, working with essences, and creating personal ceremonies for the new and full moons. We can access our lunar intuition by playing with visual moon journals and creating lunar art. All of these forms of play will be part of our explorations in Moon Wisdom for Women.

Lunar love from past participants

~ I am so thankful to have found Moon Wisdom for Women. I am new to e-courses and found it simple to access and maneuver. I could feel Bronwyn’s passion through my monitor! I am new to the study of Mother Moon after this course I was energized and in love with the magic I had just experienced. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion!

~ How you delivered the information was excellent. This information was completely new to me and I walked away feeling excited and well informed. Awesome experience, I could feel your passion through the computer. The Facebook group is an amazing bonus.

~ I loved EVERYTHING! I wish you were sitting in the chair next to me and explaining it! You were so personable, that I felt really peaceful with your presence and like I said, I wanted to invite you over and have tea. I felt like you explained things well… You provided lots of quick support on the facebook group which was a huge benefit. I definitely received the sisterhood energy…

~ I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Moon Wisdom for Women course and for the coming year of moon wisdom you’ve provided. I was incredibly impressed with how professional, complete and easy the process for signing up and engaging was. I very much felt the sense of community with the others and felt like you were with me in the room. The beauty of the PDF’s is only matched by the quality and depth of the information and I have a very clear sense for how it will apply…well, forever!

~ I am so incredibly grateful for this experience. It has been such an awakening for my true self and path. I am beyond ready for all of the amazing changes to come! Thank you!

~ I came away re-inspired about women’s spirituality.

~ Thank you… I am so grateful to be a part of this wisdom and so excited to interact with it more and use it for growth, healing, understanding and helping others in this process!!

~ Thank you Bronwyn and the rest of you moon goddesses for sharing and being present… it was inspiring and illuminating. It’s been a while now that I’ve wanted to deepen my awareness of my connection with the moon and her cycles and this was wonderful! I’m looking forward to integrating these practices and ideas into my personal life and sharing insights and inspiration in women’s circles soon! love and moonlight to each of you! xx


The Details

Moon Wisdom for Women

Four Week Online Intensive ~ One Full Lunar Cycle from New Moon to New Moon.

We will learn to harness the power of the Moon in our own lives, for everything from business planning to fertility planning. We will look at how the moon affects our moods and psyche, our lives and activities, our hormones and our desires. We will look carefully at the meanings of all the phases of the moon, as well as the meanings of the moon through all the astrological signs. We will:

~ learn how to create personal rituals on the New and Full Moons, and come together in a Live Webinar on the New and Full Moon to learn  to work with the specific energies of the current lunar cycle.
~ learn how to engage the moon as an ally for manifestation, fertility, health, beauty, and more.
~ create a Moon Journal
~ make a Moon Mandala for each month.
~ learn how to use the moon phases and moon signs to plan, structure and energize your life.
~ learn how the moon can affect our bodies, cycles, fertility, and moods.
~ learn how to find your moon sign, and your special power-moon every month, and the area of your life that will be energized by each new and full moon.
~ engage and share with like minded women in our private forum.
~ explore the history and mythology of women and the moon
~ explore traditional women’s moon wisdom, including ceremony, plant allies, moon circles, and more.

This course will be delivered online via our private web page, and includes four comprehensive and beautiful PDF Moon Magic printable books, four full-length audio lessons on MP3 for you to keep, and two live webinars where we circle together under the New and Full Moons, and you can ask questions and interact (these will be recorded as well in case you can’t make the live presentation.) We also will be able to interact, share and ask questions on the course private forum.  If you are not able to participate fully on the dates offered, the course is designed to be self-paced, and all the material, audios and PDF’s are yours to keep and access at your leisure.

Our next course begins on the New Moon on march 27th, 2017, and registration is open now.
CLICK here to register now

I hope you can join our beautiful, worldwide moon circle! Please contact us if you have any questions we can answer!


9 comments on “Learn the Feminine Wisdom of the Moon

  1. i would LOVE to take this class. We leave town in the am Friday….. question, can i start it tomorrow and then finish it when i get back in town? I know the moon part is the key! Ahhh, i don’t want to miss this.!.
    Well good Luck Ladies, and have fun! I hope i can join in

    Blessing and Peace,

    Cheri Sheek

    • Cheri you can absolutely finish when you get home. The course is designed to work on over three days OR over the course of the entire lunation from Full Moon to Full Moon. I know not everyone has the time to dive deep for three days! Also, this course is not organized around a particular celestial event, as some of my webinars are. So please join us!! xo Bronwyn

    • Hi Brandi, I’m so glad you loved the last course! This course will cover much of the same material, in greater detail and with time to go into to the topics in greater depth. We will also be looking together at the moons of 2016 and planning our lunar years. I hope you can join us! xoB

  2. oooooooh, so excited to sign up for this. and also just wanted to express how grateful i am to have found you, good women of Vivid: menopause was a lonely crazy-making path i was walking alone, but no more! xox

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