Find a Menopause Circle

We have a worldwide and growing network of Menopause Mentors hosting our Eight Week Menopause Journey to Wholeness. These are intimate local gatherings designed to support sustain and nurture you through menopause, or to continue to live vividly post-menopause. They are open to women of all ages and stages; pre- and peri-menopausal women, young women who have experienced medical menopause or early menopause, women going through surgical menopause and “natural” menopause, as well as post-menopausal women who wish to re-assess their experience and celebrate. The heroic menopausal journey belongs to all of us. And your story belongs in our circles.

Who runs the menopause circles?

Each of our Mentors has trained directly with Bronwyn and Annagrace, is intimately familiar with the Menopause Journey to Wholeness, and has had additional training in leadership skills, mentoring, and the circle way. We are proud of our Mentors, each are accomplished in their own diverse fields, and each have a great deal to offer the menopause community. We have also noticed that Vivid women have a certain something – a brightness, a vibrancy, a juiciness and kind tenderness that we love.

What happens in the Menopause Circles?

Menopause is a powerful initiation into wisdom. At this profound time in your life, you deserve to be celebrated. You deserve the time, ease, spaciousness, tools, resources, support, knowledge, and companionship that you need to navigate this challenging and beautiful mid-life journey.

In a Vivid Menopause Eight Week Circle we will explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of menopause. You will learn strategies for self-care and dealing with physical changes, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about what’s happening in your body, and you’ll also explore the deeper meaning, the gifts, and the awakening that comes with menopause. Our intention is to offer you refreshment for body mind and spirit at this time when you may be feeling depleted and alone. We also want to offer you practical strategies for coping with what life brings us at this time.

In the Vivid Menopause Eight Week Circle you will celebrate this beautiful passage in your life in the company of other women on the path. Each week you will explore one of our Eight Steps on this Sacred Journey to Wholeness. Each week you will LEARN, REFLECT and CREATE. There will be circle time, space and encouragement for self-inquiry through journaling prompts, and personal challenges creative projects to keep you inspired and in the flow.

Here is how our Sacred Journey will unfold:

Week 1: Hearing the Call

For many of us as we reach our late 40’s and 50’s what we have relied upon for so long is taken away from us. This transformation is not easy …. we are undergoing an initiatory process. We are birthing a new self as elders and wise women. In Week 1 we explore the passage of menopause – the heroine’s journey – her descent, her sacrifices and her rise. You will explore your inner experience of menopause through…

listening deep to the body’s messages * the story of the descent and ascent of the goddess – the heroic menopausal journey * body image and self-love * sacred self-care through movement * redefining beauty * loving yourself through bodily changes * connecting to the wisdom of the body * telling our body stories and history

Week 2: Going to the Well

If our culture supported and honoured menopause we would not reach menopause in a state of exhaustion and physical depletion. We don’t need a quick fix – we need to be able to tap into a deep source of nourishment. In this week you will create a new approach to menopausal wellness through…

understanding the sacred language of hormones * nurturing health at menopause * exploring herbal wisdom * trying mindfulness practice * linking the physical, emotional, and energetic realms * refilling your well * learning daily self-care practices * creating your menopause wellness plan * learning self nurturing and body honouring practices

Week 3: Crossing the River

As we go through Menopause we can experience deep grief for anything in our lives that we could have birthed – but didn’t. Navigating this experience is essential for healthy menopause. We must plunge in and go through these strong currents to reach another shore, where our new life awaits us. In this week you will…

let go of the old and embrace the new * write the “fairy tale” of your life and explore your TRUE happy ever after * make peace with your younger self * experience self forgiveness * the art of ending things with grace * tell the stories of our womanly transformations (menarche, sex, birth, menopause) * create a ritual of release

Week 4: Claiming the Crown

What if midlife women could be seen as beautiful, powerful, sexy, self-asserting, wise women? This is where we become the models for a NEW MENOPAUSE ~ this is where the revolution starts! In this week you will…

discover where you lost your power * identify where you are overgiving * claim your sovereignty * claim your space * put yourself first * feel excited about exercising your power in the world * experience sacred ceremony to claim your crown

Week 5: Companions on the Journey

As we enter menopause our relationships begin to shift, we are changing and growing into our power and this can be difficult for those around us. In this week you will:

explore new roles in relationships * define your needs – with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends and yourself  * create your personal relationship mandala * create a powerful vision of yourself as a wise woman * claim your power as an elder * learn energy skills for happy boundaries

Week 6: Tantric Transformation

A woman who is completely at home in her body, who knows her path to pleasure and is comfortable with her desires is a force to be reckoned with. Our sexuality is changing. Menopause can be a time of expansion rather than diminishment of our sexual energy – it can be a time to redefine what it means to be a sexual woman in this world. In this week you will…

claim your sensuality and pleasure * listen to the voice of your desire * understand the tantra of menopause * love your body and love your desires * come home to yourself and accept your body * learn about menopause and Kundalini * reclaim your erotic nature * reclaim pleasure in every area of your life * claim your sexuality as your own * getting familiar with your needs *  learn about saying yes and saying no * cherish your and dreams and talents * nurture your beauty

Week 7: Joining the Dance

At midlife, we begin to connect with the world in a whole new way. As we grow beyond the sphere of focused nurturing of family and career, we gain greater perspective and wider connections to both community and cosmos. This week you will…

rediscover lunar cycles the wise woman way * connect with nature * understand our body’s new rhythms * learn about wise woman traditions * explore and understand the seasons of life * learn about our plant allies  and the planets as cosmic guides * make a moon mandala to harness the power of the moon in our daily lives * connect to your spirituality and intuition


This week we step into our new Wise Woman role and honour and celebrate one another in an exquisite mutually created ceremony. Menopause is an initiation into Wisdom – it is an entrance into a new state of being and a new role within our community In this week you will…

claim your status as an elder and wise woman  * create a new tradition – become a model for menopause and aging * honour your journey with your own menopause celebration and ceremony

How do I find a circle near me?

We currently have Menopause Mentors in the following areas. Click on the links for further information about circles in your area. (unlinked pages coming soon!)


Vancouver Island, BC

United States:

Silicon Valley, California

Portland, Oregon

I want to become a mentor!

There are five steps in becoming certified as a Vivid Menopause Mentor:

  1. Attend a live retreat or take the Vivid Menopause Journey to Wholeness online.
  2. Participate in our Mentor’s Leadership Skills Training, a four week online course.
  3. Complete all the assignments in the Leadership Training successfully.
  4. Participate in a one-on-one mentoring session with Bronwyn and/or Annagrace.
  5. Pay an annual re-certification fee (your first year is included in your training fees) and stay current in our online Mentor’s group.

To explore mentorship possibilities further, contact Bronwyn.