Ten Days to an Empowered Menopause – Mini-Course


Are you ready to change the conversation around menopause?  You may be struggling with the experiences of menopause, physical and emotional, but beneath the struggle you are sensing a power, and you are wondering… does anyone else feel this way? The answer is YES.

At Vivid, we know that menopause can be a positive time of profound power and transformation, if we have the right tools and the right support to navigate the change.

This is Not our Mother’s Menopause! This is our role to define.

Midlife is the time in our lives where we truly step into our power.
Where we know who we are as a woman.
Where we begin to find freedom, creativity and juiciness.
When long neglected dreams resurface.
Where we no longer tolerate toxic situations and people.
We start to set boundaries and say ‘NO.’
We fill our cups first and then look after others from the overflow.
It is a time of saying I am ready for more!
This is a time of being supported in a sisterhood.
Where we are seen and heard and celebrated in our journey.

Take a ten day journey with us

We have created this ten day mini-course to open your mind and heart to the potential beauty and power of the menopausal journey. Over the course of ten days, through daily posts, journaling activities, writing prompts, and sharing in community, we will discover what it means to have an empowered menopause. Every day you’ll get an activity, a journaling prompt, and a mini-podcast from Bronwyn to help you go deeper and bring shape and meaning to your menopausal transformation. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with the course in our Vivid Community on Facebook, where you will find support and sisterhood and fun.

We’ll explore:

Menopausal symptoms and body wisdom, how to make space for your new self, navigating relationships and midlife sexuality, claiming your power and sovereignty, releasing and grieving your younger self, reawakening your dreams, and supporting your wellness.

This ten day mini-course gives you a juicy sampling of the rich work and play that happen in our Vivid Menopause Online Journey, where we explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of menopause. Together we’ll explore the deeper meaning, the gifts, and the awakening that comes with menopause.

You can register for and take this course at any time. Once registered, you will receive one module (a link to each day’s page will be sent to you via e-mail) every day for 10 days.

Your investment is $35 USD. Click here to register! Once paid, you will receive a receipt, and your first course email will arrive on within 24 hours. Any questions? Drop me a line here.