Sensory Weekend: A Nourished Menopause

Just for you: music and beauty to carry you through the weekend, as we continue the theme A Nourished Menopause.

We have a new playlist up on Spotify. These songs sound like telling your truth and asking for what you need. They sound like the stories we carry inside and a growing restlessness with pretending or faking it.

Our Pinterest board for this month is a beautiful collection of recipes, images, herbal support and more. We’re telling the truth about what we need at this point in our life (clary sage essential oil, nourishing soups, yoga to increase flexibility) and being honest about what we crave (fresh flowers, accurate and diverse representations of midlife beauty). Come add your thoughts and ideas and voice. At Vivid we live our motto: your story belongs.



About Annagrace

Lover of food memoirs, strong coffee, intricate poetry, and interesting wine. I am a mother, sister, wife, and loyal friend. I was drawn to create Vivid with Bronwyn Simons out of a deep love for the diverse and intricate experiences of women everywhere. I love watching women walk into their stories and discover and name their essential reasons and passions. I believe that we can heal our wounded, modern stories and live our own beautifully unique versions of Vivid Lives.

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