All Week: Orcas and Pearls

The Deep Dive

Have you ever gazed out over a shimmery smooth ocean, perhaps from the deck of a ferry or the small seat of a kayak, and suddenly been graced by unexpected movement? A silver fin, a school of small fish near the surface, or maybe, just maybe, a magnificent whale? To see the treasures of hidden depths is a holy moment, a blessing. We know in theory that there is a whole other world below us, but we rarely take the time to wait and watch and allow it to reveal itself to us. Too often we fear the stillness necessary for discovery. Waiting is uncomfortable and our busy, modern world is full of reasons to keep moving and looking elsewhere. We turn our heads and ignore the whispering. We stay firmly on the surface in our sturdy, modern boats.

What lies below you, invisible to others, and lives and breathes and swims and sleeps? What moves in you? What deep, ancient knowledge is alive in your bones? What lies waiting underneath the rush and swell of your daily life? What pearls of understanding, what depth of beauty lie waiting in your heart’s deepest sea?

We’ve chosen Orcas and Pearls as this week’s theme because we want to stay with the water metaphor a bit longer. We want to explore the treasures of ancient bodies of water and the stories of our own female bodies. We want to rush into the dark, cool stillness of green shadows and sunlight on stones. Whales are important icons for us of leadership, empowered elderhood, and remembering. Pearls are treasures formed in distress and discomfort. They are lunar in myth, just as we are. Come join us this week for a deep dive into mystery and memory and ancient female wisdom. Come, let’s mine the treasures of our secret hearts.



Ocean photo by Tisha Speelman

About Bronwyn

I'm a visual artist, writer, mother, community builder, priestess, dancer, visionary, and master of reinvention. The unifying thread in a life of constant creative change has been my work with women. Vivid Menopause, created with Annagrace Kaye, is a labor of love and the culmination of decades of intimate circle work with women. It has been my privilege to spend my life so far mentoring women as we reclaim the power of our own stories, our own bodies, our own beauty.

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