We’re Absolutely with Her

I can’t think of a better way to start off a Monday than by making a bold statement. Vivid is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton’s bid for President of the United States.

There are two core reasons for us to discuss politics in the current U.S. election cycle. First of all, as U.S. citizens we are quite frankly appalled by the Republican Party’s candidate. We are shocked at the racist, bigoted, and just plain ignorant language he uses. We are incredibly concerned that someone with such a bad history of abusive language and actions toward women, minorities, and people of color should be given so much press at all, much less a place in line for America’s top leadership position. We are never on the side of a bully and though we refuse to use his name on our beautiful website you can be sure that every single thing he represents is the opposite of Vivid. Yes, I did say everything. We cannot afford to stay quiet this year or risk the appearance of not noticing or caring. This election will affect the safety, health, and stability of the entire world, and specifically some of our very own family members and beloved friends. Now is not the time to equivocate. We aren’t supporting Hillary just because of He Who Must Not Be Named, however. She’s not just an alternative. For us, she’s a vibrant and powerful example of one of our favorite phrases, Vivid Lives.

Hillary Clinton is easily one of the most qualified presidential candidates the United States has ever seen. She’s worked as an advocate for children, she’s been a powerful and engaged First Lady, and she’s been an internationally respected Secretary of State. Last week when she accepted her party’s nomination for President, she proclaimed (in a white suit, recalling Suffragettes) her vision for America with clear eyes, steady voice, and no apologies for her vast experience. She has had to work harder than any male in these positions all the while knowing that what will be reported on first is her tone, her appearance, and whether or not she did it all with a smile on her face. In other words, it’s 2016 and some things still haven’t changed.

It’s also not lost on us that she is on the other side of menopause. We consider her a stellar example of what is possible when we follow our energetic shift from home and relationship-centered work as younger women, to seeing our power and influence find its place in the wider world as we cross into our fifties and sixties. She’s crafted a narrative which includes her family but is wholly her own. She has grown and changed and has allowed her ideas to also grow and change. She has seen personal success and crushing disappointment all in the face of intense public scrutiny, and when life handed her some pretty rotten lemons she made her own kind of lemonade. She’s still standing up to our society’s notions of what feminine power and ambition look like. She is still going after the dreams she had as a little girl. To paraphrase the woman of the hour, if anyone sees this endorsement as Vivid playing the Midlife Woman Card, then ladies… DEAL US IN.

One more thing. We could link to so many articles and items proving our stance with overwhelming data and facts. Almost every word in every sentence above, both the pros and cons, could be hyperlinked to the best and latest proof. But we’re not going to. We’re not interested in participating in any arguments or discussions that without fail spin out into sexist tropes or discredited conspiracy theories. The entire US political system is undoubtedly in need of some loving rehabilitation, to put it nicely, and if you live in the States there are dozens of ways to help create systemic change. There are already plenty of resources online and in your own cities which can link you up with people doing justice work as well as voter registration and education. We encourage you to get involved at the local level, and to work to get the women in your community energized to participate in this process. Women are POWERFUL and when we are no longer content to let our present and our future be determined by misogynistic men and their oppressive and regressive policies, things can and WILL change.

We’re with her. Not just because the alternative is horrifying. We’re with her because of everything she is and everything she represents. We can’t wait to use the phrase Madam President.


Bronwyn and Annagrace

About Annagrace

Lover of food memoirs, strong coffee, intricate poetry, and interesting wine. I am a mother, sister, wife, and loyal friend. I was drawn to create Vivid with Bronwyn Simons out of a deep love for the diverse and intricate experiences of women everywhere. I love watching women walk into their stories and discover and name their essential reasons and passions. I believe that we can heal our wounded, modern stories and live our own beautifully unique versions of Vivid Lives.

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