Sensory Weekend: Take Heart

A Vivid Menopause February Playlist:

If your heart is beating, alive, and your own, then I’m positive that it’s also complex and one of a kind. In other words, it craves love and understanding and it does so in its own unique way. In lieu of a February playlist full of cookie-cutter radio romance, here is a soulful set of songs that includes heartbreak, longing, desire, and waiting. These songs sound like conversations between women our age. We have seen and felt so much and here we are, with hearts still beating after the angst of young adulthood, the ups and downs of parenthood and early careers, the unexpected joys and sadness of midlife. We still have so many dreams for a present and future full of love and connection. If you’re like us, you’re clearer on what you truly desire than ever before.

What would you add to this list? Is there a song that you’ve been coming back to lately? Tell us!

I must add that this playlist goes awfully well with a glass of wine and an hour painting or creating.


Vivid Visual Beauty for February:

We have also begun our February Pinterest board, showing images which are inspiring our writing this month. There are no syrupy Hallmark cards and crappy chocolate, but lots of shadowy pinks and the very earliest flowers. Hopeful, courageous, and tender, even after a long winter. And winter has felt extra long this year. We’ll be adding more to it as the month goes on and our theme develops, so keep checking back.

Wishing you a weekend full of love and love from all directions and sources.



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Lover of food memoirs, strong coffee, intricate poetry, and interesting wine. I am a mother, sister, wife, and loyal friend. I was drawn to create Vivid with Bronwyn Simons out of a deep love for the diverse and intricate experiences of women everywhere. I love watching women walk into their stories and discover and name their essential reasons and passions. I believe that we can heal our wounded, modern stories and live our own beautifully unique versions of Vivid Lives.

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