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Menopause is the beginning of the powerful and fruitful second half of life for modern women, but too often it is treated as a time of loss, something to be feared, or an illness to be cured. Nothing could be further from the truth. Menopause is a beautiful transition, representing our entry into our power years. An empowered menopause is truly a time of ripening, coming into our full power as women. Vivid Menopause was created by Bronwyn Simons and Annagrace Kaye as a community to celebrate, and elevate menopause to its proper status as a honorable life transition, preparing us to come into our wisdom and live ripe, juicy, vivid, and creative lives. Vivid Menopause offers courses, retreats, and community to women wishing to embrace and celebrate menopause, and share our joys and challenges as we enter this new and exciting phase of life.

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Vivid Conversations – Hillary Augustine

Vivid Conversations – Hillary Augustine

May 24, 2017 | No Comments

Vivid Conversations is a monthly podcast for women at midlife hosted by Bronwyn Simons of Vivid: The New Menopause. This month, Bronwyn talks to financial visionary and healer Hillary Augustine. Recorded under the Scorpio Full Moon, this conversation shines light into places of power and intimacy; our money, our reproductive health.  Listen in here on […]

Vivid Conversations – Jane Reeves

Vivid Conversations – Jane Reeves

Mar 29, 2017 | No Comments

Vivid Conversations is a monthly podcast for women at midlife hosted by Bronwyn Simons of Vivid: The New Menopause. This month, Bronwyn talks to “retreat guru” and holistic life coach Jane Reeves. I know you will love this conversation. It’s a cozy and gentle conversation about body wisdom and mindfulness, altars everywhere and the sacredness […]

The Call to Wisdom – March at Vivid

The Call to Wisdom – March at Vivid

Feb 28, 2017 | No Comments

The Heroine’s Journey It’s a season of change… in our lives and in the world. Here at Vivid we approach menopause as a journey of initiation, a time of challenge and transformation that leads to a new phase of life, a new role, new powers, new wisdom and new joys. We are a little short […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Aug 7, 2016 | No Comments

One year ago Bronwyn and I sat at kitchen table and window desk, each of us surrounded by writing books, notes, art pens, vases of garden flowers, and coffee cups, and stared in amazement at each other over Skype. Next to our chat windows were the opening pages of a beautiful website Bronwyn had created […]

We’re Absolutely with Her

We’re Absolutely with Her

Aug 1, 2016 | No Comments

I can’t think of a better way to start off a Monday than by making a bold statement. Vivid is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton’s bid for President of the United States. There are two core reasons for us to discuss politics in the current U.S. election cycle. First of all, as U.S. citizens we are […]


  • The Vivid Menopause Online Journey called me from the moment I first saw the website, and it did not disappoint. This was a program that I felt I was destined to take. Bronwyn gently and courageously guided me and the other participants into connecting with our past and our new sacred journey as Wise Women. Through this course I met other beautiful soul sisters from all over the world, who all offered wonderful support and encouragement. I also elected to complete the Leadership Course and am honoured to now offer Bronwyn’s and Annagrace’s  Vivid Menopause work in Australia. This is the New Menopause – an empowering and sacred journey and I would strongly encourage you to journey with us.

    - Kim Gillespie, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • Stepping into Vivid Menopause took me into the depths of processing and understanding my path up to this point and beyond. I descended and ascended back into myself through encouragement from the course work. I am empowered to create and share the wisdom to support other women. Every woman stepping into their wise women part of their life should embrace taking the course, to be held supported and encouraged to be the amazing person that they are. Bronwyn Simons and Annagrace Kaye were there for me every step of the way.

    - Kelley Ingols, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • Love, Love, Loved the Course! It was a coming home for me as I was guided gently in connecting with myself as an elder woman. The wonderful language used in the course around menopause was positive, empowering, hopeful, insightful, spiritual and freeing. The creative focus in its experiential processes really opened opportunities to explore deeply the true essence of being a menopausal woman. Importantly, the online support was an integral part of the process for me. The feedback from the other wise women gave insightful gifts of understanding that moved me into new places of being in my menopausal understanding. At times it was difficult to explore deeply the aspects of the changing body, soul and spirit of my aging self and the other women gently held me on my journey.

    - Peta Greenough, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • What I loved most about the Vivid Menopause Journey was the connection, support, sharing of stories, and feeling excited about a new way to approach menopause. I benefited in so many ways from the Online Journey: in learning about the importance of sleep, nourishment on many levels, self-acceptance at this time, new ideas for managing symptoms and even better ways to think/feel about them. I felt supported in my personal life. The other women were so brave, beautiful, raw, real.

    - Lee Robin, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • The Vivid Menopause Online Course went WAY beyond my expectations. Bronwyn led us through each step with beauty and grace. The assignments were at times challenging, but were also balanced out with art and self-care. The group of women that participated were some of the most beautiful and raw souls that I have ever encountered in one place. I never expected to feel such a strong bond of sisterhood and support online, over many different time zones. This course has changed not only how I view menopause, but my overall outlook on living as well. This course helped me break out and claim power I didn’t know that I had.

    - Rosanna Der, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • The Vivid Menopause Program was a wonderful life changing experience for me. Bronwyn is a gifted facilitator and she skilfully led us step by step through the program in a very real and authentic way. The connections which I made with women from various countries was invaluable. Together we dropped down into the deep and murky waters and tides of our menopause stories, emerging empowered and renewed with great mutual support and encouragement. I have learned so much about myself and the life-giving juicy aspects of menopause and midlife .

    - Fiona Hughes, Vivid Menopause Journey 2015 Participant

  • Thank you Bronwyn for such a fulfilling retreat! The venue was awesome, a fantastic way to experience your leadership and retreat activities. Meeting women who are also experiencing the change and sharing with them was very inspiring. We have experienced great new friendships in this retreat and they are friendships that will last the rest of our lives. I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all of your knowledge and love!

    - Dolores Olivas Kent, 2015 Retreat Participant

  • When it was all over we’d each had a good taste of what it was like to feel nourished, whole, and happy. We’d danced, played, created, meditated, ate, and dreamed. We’d set specific commitments/intentions for do-able actions for our physical, mental, spiritual well-being. The retreat was long enough that I was able to go deeper into my meditation practice and also able to finish a couple of art projects. In the end, a reminder that often self-care for me, means giving that precious gift of time to me.  Thanks for sharing the magic, Bronwyn!

    - Maxine Matilpi, 2013 Retreat Participant

  • The whole experience was five-star deluxe… I’m so happy I was part of this beautiful retreat!

    - Nicola Ghersen, 2013 & 2015 Retreat Participant

  • Bronwyn brings light, love and beauty with her presence and her leadership. Her insights, support, experience and wisdom have enriched me in just the one week I was blessed to spend with her in Mexico. This was not my first experience in women’s retreats and I hold it up as an example of what is possible at their highest level. I was inspired and given practical tools to grow in my creativity, body, heart, and spiritual life. This will not be my last retreat with her and I look forward to an ongoing journey with her!

    - Laura Flanders-Roush, 2014 Retreat Participant

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